Why Digital Marketing Is Important in 2020?


Ever measured how much time you spent online? I am not just talking about social media but I am also talking about social media otherwise. If you are looking for a place to dine, take a class on a personal hobby, or just book tickets for a function, you are still using online space to perform certain activities.

Customers devote 33% of their time on social media. Approximately 16 % is used for online TV & streaming, 16 percent music streaming, 13 %online printing, and nearly 22 %other sources. It indicates that in this 33 %a company has to crawl to make the most use of it.

So if people rely on online space too much then it is equally necessary for companies to move online too. They need to have an online identity, so they can discover the brands they love when their target customers surf. This is how digital marketing has become relevant.

The best way companies can catch the imagination of their customers is by establishing a clear digital presence so that they are well aware of their potential clients. As a company, you can alert your customer of the new changes if there is a promotion in stores, offer a free presentation of a product, plan an event, or start a campaign.

How Digital Marketing Can Transform Your Business?

Over the past five years, digital marketing has taken over far too much and its results are strong compared to traditional marketing efforts. So let us go ahead and explore all of digital marketing ‘s strengths:

1. Speedy Conversions at Low Prices

Why are firms doing advertising and marketing? This is because conversions are the primary target for any marketer. These conversions are the real results that the company depends on and is provided in the form of leads, subscribers, sales, and traffic no. You can improve the conversion rate with digital marketing activities through ads and by running online campaigns. When we say digital resources it means marketing by email, SEO, SMM, and SEM, etc. Therefore, most companies in 2020 will be focusing on their digital strategies for high conversion rates.

2. Interact with the core audience

It is one of digital marketing’s core strengths i.e. targeting target markets. A billboard or a regular piece of the pamphlet may reach only a small portion of the target market, and the cycle sometimes becomes overlooked or blurred, however an ad does otherwise. An ad is for those audiences only, which makes it take control. You always want to engage and interact as a marketer with people who are interested in your product or brand, otherwise you will lose your dollars and end up with no leads at all.

For example, if you are selling a luxury brand where every product costs about 5-10 lakhs then advertising it in a 15-22 age group or people with jobs does not benefit the brand. Yet accurate targeting of the population will do wonders. This is the Digital force.

3. Building a Reputation for the Brand

It is important to be regularly in contact with your customers particularly after the sale or introducing your product to the market. Interacting with users gives you the opportunity to get market feedback on how your product or service is performing. Through thinking for your customers, you will develop a great reputation for the brand. Through listening to their questions promptly and paying attention to any frustration that your end-user faces, you will prove that you are delivering what you have promised and that you can take care of everything out of line.

Since your competitors are online too, if you are not in touch with your target market they will woo your customers. Credibility is damaged not because your company did not hit the standards in one go, but because you did not know about the customers who bought your product after you sold it. Online marketing lets you always be in touch with your audience.

4. Generate Better Income

Companies using campaigns and their brand optimization generate better revenue than those without any digital presence. For several factors, streaming is a game-changer. Firstly, you reach out to your clients. Second, you keep them informed about your brand or service. Finally, you encourage them to take action. If you can continue this process, reliable leads will be produced and further conversions can commence. One thing digital marketing does is to address opportunities in every geography. And it is a weakness an organization can take care of in minutes.

5. Cost-Effective plans

Businesses that have minimal resources and manpower should take advantage of digital approaches to get better leads. Promoting and selling a company with online ads would be simple and you can feel light on the pockets. Small and medium-sized companies that also use automation for much of their marketing campaigns, rather than building up an in-house team of experts.

6. Access Mobile Customers

About 51 percent of customers on smartphones are finding a new brand product online as they surf. Considering the growing number of smartphone users per day, mobile marketing and ad optimization can not simply be ignored. Then optimize the brand for social media, email marketing, advertising, etc. Optimize your website and content and make it mobile-friendly so that people who surf their smartphones can watch your ads, videos, and forums and discover your brand daily or follow it through.

Bottom line

Small, medium-sized, or enterprise-level businesses need to focus on following best practices in digital marketing. Go in-depth on whom you are approaching to support your work/services? In 2020, digital marketing can only produce results when you are loud enough and active. Do not go back foot for a second because your competitors took up the area. You will not need to pursue any of the new media at once. Plan your content and campaigns according to your target and its demographics. Discuss with experts and rely on statistics to provide guidance. I know a team sounds fancy but it is the right thing to outsource digital activities to experts when you can not afford a team.

Hope 2020 will be good for your brand and your company. Go digital. Be Strong.

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