Which Languages Will Rule Programming in 2021?


Every year, coding trends keep changing, and new languages keep emerging. To stay relevant, programmers must stay up to date on cutting-edge technologies, trends and transformations in programming. Since the demand for IT, especially, programmers continues to rise. Also, programmers know that learning the most cutting-edge programming languages takes time. However, it serves as an investment in one’s professional development and success as well.

Keep track of what’s trending in the industry to stay on top. Consequently, you have a better chance of predicting what will dominate the industry. As tech-lovers, software solutions, and service providers, we are always searching for the best programming languages to learn in 2021 and beyond. Based on market research and personal observations, we’ve gathered a list of the most in-demand programming languages for 2021.

1. JavaScript

According to developer surveys and studies, JavaScript is still the most widely used and the most popular programming language, accounting for 69.7% of all programming languages. Besides, many researchers predict that the 2021 stack overflow developer survey will have a similar percentage.

JavaScript produces highly functional platforms that continue to have industry clout.

Furthermore, Java Script provides a syntax that can be accessed by both the front and back-end of websites. It is still a core language in React, Vue, and Node.

2. Python

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages in 2021 because it serves as the foundation for many social media platforms. Python will remain extremely relevant as long as platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest dominate social media.

Its general-purpose scripting language is also simple to learn and implement in scalable web applications. As a result, python has earned a reputation as one of the best programming languages to learn in 2021 because python can use it for a wide range of tasks. All examples are back-end web and mobile app development, desktop app and software development, big data processing, and system scripting.

3. SQL (Structured Query Language)

SQL continues to rank highly in developer polls. Researchers hypothesise it as one of the most futuristic programming languages because it is one of the most commonly used.

man avoiding WFH burnout through work-life balance

SQL ranks third at 56.9%, trailing only JavaScript and HTML/CSS, indicating that SQL will most likely include it in the stack overflow developer survey in 2021. SQL has been around for about 30 years and is far from retiring. It is frequently used by programmers in large data volumes, such as databases, and as a back-end for applications.

SQL, in particular, is used by developers to manipulate data. It does this by connecting servers and databases for application programs such as MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. SQL also governs the notable trend of cloud computing, which will remain to grow in fame.

4. Golang

Golang’s a programming language made by Google and popularly known as ‘Go,’ which programmers use for system and network programming, audio and video editing, and Big Data. Google designed it to support multi-threading, which allows multiple processes to run at the same time. Furthermore, Go is used in projects such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Blockchain. Researchers expect to Go to be one of the most futuristic programming languages, as Google’s power shows no signs of waning.

5. PHP 

man avoiding WFH burnout through work-life balance

Much of the developer community believe PHP is slow and out of date. However, it is still widely used in back-end development. Furthermore, we anticipate that it will be one of the most in-demand programming languages in the 2021 stack overflow developer survey.

PHP is used by 79% of all websites, according to W3Techs. In addition, Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia use the PHP framework. Besides that, WordPress, the most popular content management system, remains the language of choice.

6. C/C++

C++, as an extension of the C programming language, supports object-oriented programming. It is generally used in game development, GUI and desktop apps, competitive programming, and a range of other fields.

Now it’s Your Turn: What’s Your Favorite Technical Language?

Every programming language has advantages and disadvantages. Your decision now will shape your present and predict your future. Making a deliberate, data-driven decision about your primary technology of choice will lead you down the path of growth you seek.

Which language do you intend to learn in 2021? To assist you in making your decision, follow these steps.

  • Determine whether this is an individual or professional decision.
  • Take into account the project’s requirements and level of difficulty.
  • Please consult with your client about your decision and prove that it is based on research.

Remember that not every client you work with will be a tech expert, so make sure to explain your decision in simpler terms.

According to Cynere’s experts, PHP, JavaScript, and Java will dominate this year’s web development industry. So to stay current, you should unquestionably elevate the value of these languages when embarking on your next new project.

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