Top Tech Stacks To Choose Wisely In 2021


Ready for a software product to be created? We can ensure a cost-effective and efficient development project by choosing the right technology stack.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes when building a home. For various areas of the house, contractors use many construction materials. They primarily make use of concrete, treated wood, clay, and sand for the foundation. Fiberglass shingles, metals, or concrete tiles are also used for the roof as the first line of protection against heat and rain—also materials like recycled steel, wood, or brick and blocks to build beams and walls.

There are numerous ‘building materials’ and tools you need to create usable and attractive websites and mobile or web apps, much like building a home. Just a few of the millions of sites and apps that use finely selected tech stacks are the Netflix app, OneDrive storage, and

These so-called stacks of technology are what breathe life into the software products we use today. It affects the architecture, functionality, and potential capability of the smartphone or web app to scale. Here’s a summary of the correct tech stacks to use for your start-up team to improve the chances of creating a software product that customers would enjoy.

What is a Tech Stack?

A tech stack refers to a group of tools, programming languages, and technologies that work together to create websites, mobile, and web applications for digital products or solutions.

There are two equally critical components of a software stack: the frontend (client-side) and the backend (server-side). To build a working software stack, all collaborate.

A tech stack can be compared to a McDonald’s triple stack cheeseburger. To make this mouthwatering treat, you need stacks of ingredients (beef patties, American cheese slices, tangy pickles, mustard, and chopped onions). Tech stack operates in the same way you use various tools and technologies to deliver the best product for apps that meet users’ needs.

Although numerous tech stacks are available for web creation, not all of them are created equally. It may seem too tricky to choose the right technology stack, particularly for start-ups and small businesses. They have minimal budgets and capital, so it is vital to choose the right technology stack to mobilize their software projects.

Components of Tech Stack

A technology stack consists of two elements, the frontend and backend stacks, to refresh the memory. These stacks also form the position of the developer who creates the product.

Frontend Tech Stack

The client’s side of the framework is the frontend tech stack. Client-side refers to something on a computer that a user can see or communicate with. The frontend stack’s primary concern is to build a stellar user experience, a seamless user interface, and clear internal frameworks. It is responsible, in other words, for the design, format, and navigation of websites or mobile apps.

A frontend stack has two key components. They are:

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)- is a language used to create and view electronic documents (web pages). In each organization and placement of content on a web page, it is the backbone.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)-The web pages are responsible for the format and layout. It includes a web page’s font types, sizes, layout, color, and other aspects.

You use JavaScript to render webpages interactive. It is a programming language that enables dynamic features to be implemented on web pages via its libraries and frameworks (React, jQuery, and Ember) (Angular.js, Ember.js, Vue.js).

Backend Tech Stack

The backend technology stack is the server-side of software creation. It refers to the inner functioning of a website or app that can not be seen by users. Think of it like your home’s electric power stations producing electricity. They can seem invisible in the context, but to keep operations going smoothly, they are essential.

These components comprise the backend stack:

Programming languages- For apps and websites, this provides logic. The codes equate the site with a database. JavaScript, PHP, and Python are just some examples.

Frameworks- it offers software support based on a single programming language. Some common frameworks are Laravel, Django, and Ruby on Rails.

Servers- To handle client requests, you need backend servers. Great examples of web servers are Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS).

Databases- It’s a digital space for storing information (word document, web page, MP3 file). Databases include MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

On top of each other, these web development programming languages, frameworks, technologies, servers, databases are developed. The word tech, therefore, stacks.

Top Idols of Tech Stack

You can use validated Tech Stack models to save you time and money. Their components are updated frequently, but their values are the same. The accessible knowledge base is one of the benefits of using these common technical stack examples.

The top tech stacks to consider are here:


MEAN, one of the well-known software stacks gives web developers various advantages. The use of a single language (JavaScript) is among these advantages, and the underlying technologies are open source and free. MEAN is made up of:

  • MongoDB a MongoDB (NoSQL database)
  • Web Framework for Express.js backend
  • The framework of Angular.js frontend
  • Open-source NodeJS, cross-platform servers

MEAN offers a realistic approach to designing applications that are quick and highly effective. For transmission of data and free module library access, all components speak JSON (JavaScript Object Notations). This tech stack helps to create scalable software products. It is useful for websites and interactive applications of all kinds.


When it comes to technological stack versions, LAMP is an industry-standard. It provides the best cost-effectiveness, versatility, and efficiency in web growth. It is an acronym for which it stands:

  • Linux (operating system)
  • The Apache (HTTP server)
  • About MySQL (relational database management)
  • PHP PHP (programming language, it can also be Perl or Python)
  • Free and open source are all these stack layers. 

Since this tech stack can operate on any operating system, other parts in the same stack can be shared or modified. I am using Microsoft Windows WAMP or MacOS MAMP.


MERN is, literally, identical to MEAN. The difference is that with React, you adjust Angular.js.

The main benefits of using MERN are integrating React, concurrently using codes on browsers and servers, a powerful library, and a full-stack development option (frontend and backend).

Also, in designing interactive user interfaces, React is known for its versatility and efficiency.


Instead of Angular.js, MEVN uses Vue.js as the frontend web platform, another variant of MEAN. Vue.js has risen in popularity over the years. It combines Angular and React’s best features.

Vue.js is quick to understand, offers a straightforward programming style, and provides web applications with superb results.

Ruby on Rails

It’s a programming environment that uses Ruby, a dynamic programming language, is Ruby on Rails. You can simplify the whole process of creation with you.

Written in the Ruby programming language, a server-side web app creation needs less knowledge to operate on. It enables the use of default database management structures and web pages.

Creating UIs and JSON or XML for transferring data, Ruby on Rails works well with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Pick the Right Tech Stack For your Next software Development Project.

It can be challenging to choose the best tech stacks as a final thought. However, this idea should direct your decision; choose technologies and resources that parallel your project’s goals.

Please do not rely on shared innovations only because they are operating for prominent and influential businesses. Weigh your options; look at all the benefits and drawbacks of your tech stacks. Note, a mistaken selection of software stacks will result in a financial catastrophe.

If you have no web development experience at all, then leave it to the experts. With excellent design and functionality, a team of seasoned web developers will make the best use of a tech stack to create top-tier web applications.

We have a team of expert developers here at Full Scale who are specialists in mobile and web creation. They are on standby for the tech projects to deal with. We offer first-rate assistance to our customers from screening, recruiting, and onboarding to get started.

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