Top 7 Marketing Strategies to Try in 2020


Well, Here’s 2020. And, until now, it does not look much different from December 2019. That’s why we were asking hundreds of digital marketers for last year’s best marketing strategies — and, boy, they responded.

Here’s an overview of what tops the 2019 marketing expert list — and what we think are the 5 best marketing strategies you can take into 2020.

1. Educate with your content

Content has been King for a long time and 2019 was no different.

Citing data from the 2019 trends survey of the Content Marketing Institute, Regina Anderssen, head of digital marketing at office space rental company MySpace, acknowledged that 77 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing.

In addition, most B2B content marketers are using educational tools to nurture leads and create trust among consumers, which is completely necessary for inbound marketing, she said. 

We ‘re obviously preaching to the crowd here, but marketers can usually produce content that’s important, credible and, of course, educates their audience.

2. Customise your marketing campaigns

By digging into analytics and understanding demographics, affinity categories and in-market segments, Peter Wilfahrt, managing director of the digital agency Versandgigant, said marketers should personalize every single message in 2020. More about that in just a moment.

Effective customization is the result of efforts such as behavioural segmentation, or the separation of audience members into groups based on their actions, such as first-time purchases, abandoned carts, repeated purchases and page views without conversion, said Richard Wright, marketing manager at CBD site Conscience CBD.  

Aditya Ahuja, CEO of the guideline app Listables, consented on data-driven segmentation has worked well so far as it enables Listables to tailor its messages and make sure it gets them in front of the right people, so this segmentation will also be a major part of marketing in 2020.

3. Shoppable Posts

Around now, you know that internet marketing is an integral aspect of social media. What you may not realize is just how many people are shopping on social matters. 60 percent of Instagram users said they are finding new products on Instagram and a staggering 70 percent said Pinterest lets them find new products in a poll of over 4,000 Pinterest users.

Such platforms took note of the fact that people use them to shop and made it easier for merchants to sell through social media. Within the last two years, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook both offer ways to build shoppable content for eCommerce retailers with a native interface that allows tagging and purchasing items directly in your posts easier. By using social commerce, you reach new customers, reduce buying barriers and shorten the sales funnel dramatically. While shoppable posts have been rising in recent years, we are expecting them to become the norm in 2020.

4. Immersive Techs like AR and VR

Over the past few years, Augmented Reality (AR ) and Virtual Reality (VR) have exploded in popularity and are fast becoming one of the top marketing trends. It is projected that this year (2020) about 100 million people will be using AR to shop online and in-store.

Major companies such as IKEA already make use of AR. Using their app and AR, before purchasing (or even setting foot in a store) customers can see what a piece of furniture would look like in their space!!

For a few reasons interactive content will be one of the top marketing trends of 2020:

  • This form of content is modern and original and helps to reduce noise
  • This gives visitors a reason for staying on the page
  • It is highly shareable (nearly all saw someone post the results of a stupid quiz like “What kind of cheese are you?”)
  • Sharing capacity builds your brand awareness
  • Last but not least, people just love interacting!

5. Google Ads for Smart Bidding

Automation is nothing new in the digital marketing world, but we expect automation and smart bidding to become the norm for many PPC account managers thanks to recent Google Ads updates announced at Google Marketing Live.

To optimize your bids, Google Ads relies on machine learning so that you get the most value out of every conversion. The improvements announced at Google Marketing Live make optimizing your bids better than ever, with the ability to select campaign-level conversion actions, the ability to optimize your bids through multiple campaigns with a set of desired conversion actions, and the ability to set bids to change automatically when a sale starts or stops. These enhancements will help maximize conversions.

6. Apps for social messaging

Social networks such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp are no longer strictly about texting mates. Such applications are popular ways for businesses to connect with their customers. Facebook Messenger actually sees more than 10 billion messages exchanged between individuals and businesses every month.

Messaging apps are popular with businesses because it is convenient for customers to have direct contact with companies. This also makes highly targeted content, which is what we already know customers enjoy.

Below are a few reasons businesses use chat apps:

  • Establish contacts and develop relationships
  • Consumer awareness about their company/products
  • Improved revenue
  • Have people invited to events
  • Extraction of future clients
  • Providing service for consumers

Think of how you can use social messaging apps in your business by 2020!

7. Social Media Stories

It was the first social media platform to conceive of the “story” when Snapchat was released in a 2017-short and sweet picture or video messages that disappear after 24 hours. As the story idea has grown in prevalence through many social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, the story is no longer just a trend for millennials and gen z. Now businesses, big and small, use them to increase awareness of the brand and use the chance to connect with a younger audience. Seek the Snapchat, Instagram and even Facebook posts.


Digital marketing is continually evolving and in 2020, we think the above strategies and innovations will be major game-changers. What are you thinking? What marketing trends do you expect for 2020? Connect with us in the comment section, and share your thoughts!

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