Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Software Companies In 2020


As the market grew, digital marketing becomes ever more complicated. More than 80 percent of people use the Internet before making an individual purchase to find goods and services. Choosing your company’s best online marketing strategy will be critical in the future, especially if you are running a series of popular programs under your new tech venture.

A recent survey conducted by Fronetics in 2017 found that 62% of B2B buyers used the Internet as the prime resource for finding new business solutions. A successful digital marketing plan connects your customers to your offer through social media, blogs, websites, forums, and mobile communications. Can you do enough to get your goods out there, and market them? If not, you can bet that you are competitors for your bottom dollar.

In this post, let has a closer look at the top 5 successful digital marketing tactics that tech companies need to implement to improve their online presence. Let us start with the most effective one:

1. SEO

Setting up a website that is well structured, designed, and getting good conversions is hard. It is still an entirely different ball game to create pages that attract good traffic and perform a refined sales process. And it is a game of continually changing the rules. Google releases daily updates to its search algorithm. The best SEO will be those with years of experience and always up-to-date with Google’s latest search brain changes.

The trick with SEO is to concentrate your efforts on pursuits, which will yield the most significant benefits. For the long term benefits, you should focus more on,

  • Technical and on-page SEO to improve the relevance of your Website to keywords
  • We are establishing 4-10 quality backlinks a month.
  • Marketing content to convey awareness.
  • Blog posted on-site at least once a week.

One of the most critical steps in SEO is getting a first-page ranking on search engines’engines’ results for terms (keywords) that your customers use to find solutions like yours. Here’s a good list of the best keyword research tools available right now. Identify the keywords that gain more traffic. After that, you can create optimized landing pages. Like 5-10 quality blogs related to these search phrases and add links to keywords to anchor text in your content that point traffic to your main landing/product pages. This is Google’s principal strategy for achieving higher ranks.

2. Make use of multiple social channels

We must choose the right social platforms. Here are the most prominent social networks in the world and what each one is good for:


If your software is primed for B2B space, LinkedIn will be highly relevant. LinkedIn users are looking for enterprise solutions. A 2017 report from LinkedIn suggested that 80 percent of social media marketing leads from B2B come across the LinkedIn network.

Twitter & Facebook

These platforms are great for getting your target audience involved and for promoting your content. Both offer robust paid remarketing systems that enable you to grow a following quickly.


Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. So it is the best place to post video tutorials for your software, webinars, and entertainment content. Video demos and pre-roll ad campaign will provide people with insight into your solution while actively driving your Website’s traffic.

3. Paid advertising

Google released a report in 2016, showing us that 28 percent of online searches are converting into a sale. All use Google to find things they are willing to buy and pay ads to put your pages at the top of the search results. Paid advertising has become, after organic search and SEO, the second-best performing lead generation channel for most software and SaaS companies.

Why are these so popular? Paid advertising is scalable, very measurable, which makes it predictable and, if handled correctly, provides a proven ROI. Use Google Ads for your campaigns first. Besides the standard text ads that you have seen at the top of every search, you can also access more advanced retargeting strategies. These features allow you to advertise users who have already visited sites related to your market or have previously searched for your specific keywords.

4. Outreach and quality link building

Guest blogging is about creating content for other websites that already receive large traffic volumes. Within your expertise, you can provide assistance and guidance on topics or offer a new angle on your product’s issues. Do this often enough, and your posts within the software development space will expose your brand to a broad audience. You will also have the opportunity to place a link to your pages from a website of the authority, which is excellent for SEO.

Landing a guest post on one of the biggest tech blogs out there is a tall order, but you can work with multiple levels of influential sites. You can also contribute to social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook, to various groups. Aim for software industry-related groups, and you could reach thousands of potential users you know will likely be interested in your product. SaaS, software, IT, and tech digital marketing consultants can also execute this tactic, who has more experience doing it the right way.

5. Use a comparison guide to differentiate your software to others

Has a product developed which has a leg up on an existing market leader? Create a webpage that compares your solution to your competitors and optimize it to rank on Google’s first page and attract search traffic for your competitors’ brand searches. You will be feeding off the mass of users looking for their brand while exposing your new solution’s benefits as an alternative.

Avoid being too pushy and seek a balanced review to help the reader assess the comparison with clarity. Make it clear you are overly biassed, and you are quick to turn people away.


That is our Five! We hope that this list of effective digital marketing strategies has helped you spark a few light bulbs for software companies. It is now more critical than ever for all sizes of software companies to stand out by upping their digital efforts. Half the battle is to know your options; the other half is actively chasing this list’s ideas!

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