JavaScript Framework: Top 10 Frameworks To Use In 2020


JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language that endorses event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles (including object-oriented and prototype-based); Originally JavaScript was used for the client-side only. These days, however, JavaScript is also being used as a language for server-side programming. To wrap up, in a single line –  JavaScript is the language of the web.

The tech world has witnessed the rise of a wide range of technologies and brought forth the drastic changes around the globe since the time of the emergence of the Internet. It began with the advent of websites and is leading enterprises to create an online presence. Today, most of these entrepreneurs are about to adopt mobile apps to meet their customers ‘ specific needs with different smartphones.

Developers are coming up with beautiful mobile apps and web applications with the growing use of various smartphones. Technically speaking, they develop mobile applications for devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows using various programming languages such as Objective-C and .NET respectively.

Nowadays, Programmers are using various frameworks to develop specific websites and applications, of which JavaScript is one of the most famous ones.

What is the JavaScript Framework and Why Use One?

A software platform is an abstraction in which additional user-written code could be used to preferentially change software which provides generic functionality. JavaScript framework is an application framework written in JavaScript that allows programmers to modify and use the functions at their ease.

Frameworks are more responsive and adaptable for website design and so most website developers actually love it. JavaScript frameworks are a kind of tool which makes JavaScript easier and smoother to work with. Javascript frameworks also require developers to code the application as device-responsive devices. It is one of the key reasons for its success when it comes to the use of a machine language of a high-level professional standard. 

This sensitivity is yet another justification why the JavaScript frameworks are quite popular when it comes to using a high-level language for machines. Let’s take a look at the best 2020 JS Frameworks.

1. Angular

It is one of the JS frameworks with the most power, performance, and open source. It is run by Google, and developers adopt it to create a Single Page Application (SPA). Angular implements the HTML in the framework and interprets the attributes used to link data. Businesses commonly use AngularJs Web Development company to build apps for their business.

2. Vue.JS

Developed in 2016, Vue. JS has effectively made its way into the market by offering various features and proving its worth. One of its most engaging features for creating high-end single page applications is dual integration. It’s perceived a secure forum for cross-platform development.

3. Meteor 

Meteor represents the greater software development phase. It is primarily used in the development of backend, database management, business logic, and front-end design of the websites.

4. React

The React platform was developed by Facebook and it gained attention within a short period. Developers use it to create and operate the high-incoming traffic dynamic web pages user interface. React uses a virtual DOM which makes it much easier to integrate with any program. When you intend to create a solid web application, you should recruit ReactJs Developers.

5. Ember.js

Ember.js made its debut in 2015 and its wide application area gained enormous popularity. Its features support linking of two-way data, thereby creating a reliable framework to handle the complicated user interfaces. Popular websites such as LinkedIn, Netflix, Nordstrom and more use the platform Ember. JS for their websites.

6. Node.js

It is open-source and a JavaScript run-time environment on the server-side, which operates on all platforms. With its event-driven architecture, this framework has the capability to handle asynchronous I / O. As it runs in the JavaScript Runtime environment it has similar JAVA properties such as threading, packages, and loop formation. These days businesses are popularly recruiting node js developers to accomplish their related ventures.

7. Aurelia

The new version of the JavaScript is Aurelia application. It’s used by developers to implement every guy. It is seen as the next-generation framework to build robust websites. Aurelia’s modern architecture means the toll can be used for client-side and server-side analysis at such a time.

8. Mithril

It is a JavaScript framework on the client-side, which is mainly used in creating single-page applications. Deploying the system is simple since its functions are not derived from a base class. It is compact and offers out of the box routing & XHR utilities. A couple of features resemble React.

9. Polymer

The Polymer is an open-source, Google developed JavaScript library. It can build website elements without going into a complex level. It also supports single-way and two-way data linking, thereby expanding the area of application.

10. Backbone.js

Backbone-JavaScript Framework One of the most popular frameworks in HTML. Knowing and understanding are effortless. Single Page Applications can be created. Developing this framework involves the concept that all server-side functions need to flow through an API, which by writing less code will help to achieve complex functionalities.

Major Uses of Utilizing JavaScript Frameworks

  • Swiftness
  • Reputation
  • Competence
  • Interoperability
  •  Safety
  • Versatility

Summing up

It is evident from the above table that the JavaScript Framework is the best framework when you need to use one for building applications.

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