Hurdles All Marketers Face & How Digital Marketing Can Help Fix Them


Today’s world’s marketers are immersed continuously with fresh ideas, new platforms to promote their business, and new technologies to take the best advantage. While these advances are always exciting and helpful, marketers may quickly become daunting about keeping up with the changes.

While still viable, companies can no longer rely solely on conventional marketing strategies. You may have been having SEO and cold calling through the early 2000s, but two decades later you have got to sell to people — not search engines.

How do you do that, after that? Well, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, also called inbound marketing, needs to be enforced. Not only does the right approach to make your marketing more efficient, but it ensures you a better ROI as well.

And the best part is, by introducing a method that involves the GrowthStack ‘s 4 Key Components (Clear Messaging, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, and Campaigns), you are freeing yourself from some of the typical marketing challenges that business people face.

Here are a few challenges that business owners face in their marketing and how digital marketing lends its hands to help them solve these challenges.

1. Maintaining consistent branding

Branding is one of the critical marketing aspects. With so many messages tossed daily in the faces of consumers, creating a recognisable, relevant brand label is crucial. Without consistent branding, a sea of ads turns your business into just another faceless name.

How is it that you develop a strong brand? By paying attention to the particulars. It all affects the way your business is perceived, from font and colours to voice and style. Keep these factors identical across all platforms and in all messages, and you are on your way rightly. 

A document on the Brand Guidelines will help ensure that all marketing agencies, contractors or new employees know what fonts, colours and styles to use when designing for your brand.

Another useful tool to consider is the book, Primal Branding, by Patrick Hamlin. This book breaks down the primary branding elements and the way they interweave. It will change the way you think about big names such as Apple and Coca Cola, and how you see your own business.

2. Traffic and Leads Generation

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017 study, the number one problem for marketers is that traffic generation and leads seem to be becoming more challenging rather than more comfortable as more channels become accessible. Many company owners spend their entire time focussing on social media, sending out hundreds of posts a week without any return. Especially when it seems to work for other brands, it is frustrating.

To get people interested in what you have got to say, you need to build content your audience needs first. You would need to know your target audience before you can do that. Create buyer people based on consumer surveys, market analysis and any other details that you can get your hands on.

If you know your audience better, you can start taking action that appeals to them, resulting in increased traffic and leads. A programme begins with that. Campaigns build the basis for lead generation and conversion as one of the 4 Key Components of the Company GrowthStack. These pieces usually include:

  • A fairlead generation offer aimed at a particular buyer persona, including an infographic or digital guide.
  • A landing page where prospective clients fill in a form to view the bid.
  • A follow-up email that will send them the deal as soon as they need it.
  • A lead email series to keep communicating with the lead and develop trust, so they are ready to buy your product or service.

Without a buyer persona, you can not do all of this, so be sure to get your personas locked down before you put content together.

3. Manage your Website

If done correctly, the website attracts customers, converts them, and helps you to make sales, even when you are sleeping. It is no wonder that website maintenance is one of the most significant challenges facing modern marketers. To attract, cultivate, and convert leads, you need your web site. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a brilliant golden toilet: a requirement that you have poured money into wasting and not fulfilling its purpose.

Most entrepreneurs understand the website’s value but still struggle with its execution. Website problems can range from producing the right content to designing an engaging, easy to navigate website. Many businesses, especially small businesses, do not have the time or staff to devote themselves to website management.

This does not mean that you can settle for a website which is not doing its job well. Find an organisation or agent to direct you through the process. Get input from users on their site trouble areas, and where there is space for improvement. Then use StoryBrand to build compelling content on the website to keep visitors clicking on your “Call Now” button.

4. Securing an effective budget

There is not much wiggle room in the budget for many businesses. More often than not, marketing is not perceived to be a big concern that provides funding for. Cutting your marketing budget, however, is like shutting your open signal off. Without it, your business never can expand.

To justify wasting money on ads, you have to show that what you do works. Track your ROI and do not be afraid to try new approaches when the old ones do not yield results any more. If you are dealing with a marketing firm, ask for reports at the end of the year to illustrate how your money can make fair use of it.

And if you do it yourself, do not throw all of your money at shiny tactics (such as SEO or enhanced social media posts) when you can get more of a return from campaigns.

5. Understanding the Right Tools and Technology

It’s challenging to decide about the right tools, technology and software for your business. With so many available options — and so many different opinions on each — there seems to be no correct answer.

  • Please send emails to potential customers automatically, depending on the form they have filled in
  • Keep a record of all activities of the leads on your site.
  • Manage your deals and keep an annual track of your sales
  • See who downloaded all lead generating offers on your website exactly.
  • Make, post, and share blogs. And much, much, much more.

Other options are available, and for some, HubSpot’s costs are out of their budget. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure your team uses it consistently and benefits from all its uses.

6. Find Best Talent in Marketing

For several business owners and marketing managers, a big challenge is finding the right people to join their team. You want top-notch talent and no budget breaks. But sometimes it is simply not possible to employ full-time marketing specialists. So you are recruiting the cheaper alternative.

Perhaps it is a kid fresh from college who knows nothing about your business. Suppose it is the son of your cousin, who is supposed to be an influencer on Instagram. Either way, you end up with someone who is doing well in one marketing field but does not see the whole picture.

Just like with web design, you are partnering with a marketing agency could be the best bet for your company. These organisations, for any marketing sector, hire the best professionals. They have protected you from writing quality content to handling social media and beyond. If you plan to go in-house, screen the applicants thoroughly. Choose someone with a bit of experience in developing and producing content. And they will be able to help your company more efficiently than someone who focuses only on one area.

7. Facilitating Consumer Engagement

Far too often, marketers are pressured to invest so much time and energy on finding new leads that they ignore current clients unintentionally. This is a big mistake because current customers can provide additional sales and referrals.

And how are you going to hold customers coming back for more? Unique resources are dedicated to serving existing clients. Implement a customer loyalty strategy that can be quickly streamlined while supplying loyal customers with perks at the same time.

Your package could include a customer satisfaction survey that is sent out each year, a set of thanks (with branded cups or t-shirts) for each new customer, special offers for existing customers, or a rewards programme.

The Takeaway: We can help you to enter the bright side of business success 

Marketing can be intimidating. As an entrepreneur, you can feel exhausted and lost attempting to solve it yourself. Fortunately you can meet people and expand your company even in today’s flooded marketplace. Only a bit of experience and the right resources are all you need.

To learn more, please contact our experts at Cynere. Our digital marketing team has vast experience in marketing in HubSpot and the StoryBrand. We have developed holistic marketing machines for over 100 companies and our systems discuss all four of the Company GrowthStack components.

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