Digital Marketing Trends: 5 Essential Digital Marketing Innovations for 2020


Latest technological Innovations has made the world a global village in terms of seamlessly connecting individuals from different cultures and countries around the world. In this digital age, it’s easier to share information than it has ever been. Innovative tools and technologies also started to emerge each year, with the marketing technology landscape swelling to 7,040 solutions. Marketers can now select from a range of choices for engaging with new markets, selling their brands or creating brand loyalty.

You have to keep up with the trends, to catch up with the rivals. Take a moment and think about the effects of innovation and technology on your business and how to make the most of it. What are the new tools, innovations or platforms you can use? Are there ways in which you can streamline operations? Improving customer support and customer experience? Optimize the acquisition of lead? What sort of devices do you really need? What’s just fluffy and needless overhead?

Critical research and analysis will help you determine what you need to invest in right now, what you need to cut, and where the business is going in the future. Don’t just get left behind to go ahead with the status quo.

If you engage with customers efficiently and effectively through innovative ways and preserve them through exceptional interactions, your business will grow.

That said, I would like to share these 5 trends in digital marketing in 2020 that you should check out:

1. Chatbots Release

Many organizations would proceed to be using a chatbot, they are powerful software systems that communicate with visitors to the site also with customers. Chatbots interact with people who view the site naturally and can answer their questions on the spot.

Chatbots use either verbal interactions or chat windows to help internet users find whatever they want.

Although it can be costly to employ a person to track and connect with guests to your website, chatbots save expenses by attempting to answer specific questions to your behalf. And consequently, consumers continue to enjoy the customized service and get prompt answers to their questions.

Additional Benefits Of Digital Marketing Chatbots: they save a great deal of time: apart from humans a chatbot can respond to all kinds of questions quickly. And timely answers mean consumers can make decisions more quickly.

Overall Client Satisfaction Increases: with the exception of human beings, the chatbot does not need any time to rest. Whenever the customer wants relevant data, they are right at their fingertips. But as the bots react more accurately, so will your sales conversion rates.

Pumps Good Humour: Rarely is a chatbot moody. You’ll never hear customers complain that they are turned away. They ‘re impartial, concise, and insightful — all attributes that make your clients feel comfortable.

2. Many Companies Using Private Messaging Applications to Directly Connect

As 2021 nears, many firms will begin to shift their focus to how private messaging apps can be better used. Smartphone applications such as WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat have now become hugely popular. Instead of using emails, cutting edge firms are taking advantage of both private apps and private messaging groups.

Big brands are now undertaking trials to monetize messaging apps and consumers should be able to pay for goods directly via messaging apps soon enough. It will be way easier to send and receive money.

Some apps such as WeChat Pay have already made great progress in making payment online easier; customers of WeChat, Venmo and PayPal are already getting used to using these types of applications to send funds to their peers.

3. The Next-Gen SEO

A lot of different developments are taking place right now in the search engine industries and there are regular updates. Such adaptations have had a profound effect on the search results for the individual.

Most importantly, Google’s BERT update has affected the SEO world a great deal. The abbreviation BERT stands for Bidirectional Transformer Encoder Representations. It is a deep learning algorithm which is related to the processing of natural language. Google aims to make the search engine smarter and strengthen the ability to understand the nuanced complexities of the language and the purpose of the searcher. BERT may impact complicated search requests, which depend on content, according to Google.

Google’s BERT Update: when your website is poorly constructed and lacks clarity, traffic may be down. There’s no easy fix to bolster rankings or tactics. You have to remember, instead, that your website is for people, not just algorithms. Only ask why people are going to your site. What is its purpose? Now, answer their questions as clearly as possible, and logically organize information. You will see progress when you write for humans.

So each new algorithm, depending on how you look at it, comes with various advantages or troubles. Like always, Google’s updates to the algorithm focus on improving the search experience and providing people with the best potential solution to their query.

4. Customisation Goes Past the First Name

Many firms dabbling in design, but only a handful are excelling at that. Giants like Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, Nike, and Spotify create incredibly personalized products using the data and technical prowess. At the right place and time, customers are given the relevant messages — and they love it.

Amazon has grown its business by evaluating the behaviour of the customers and promoting products based on smart assumptions and the past buying history of users. It shows products that a person might be interested in by placing similar or complementary products on a Recommendations tab, and Amazon found that this upselling tactic works to get trying to move.

That implies if in your marketing strategy, you haven’t tried customization, then you’re having to leave a lot of advantages on the table. Here are a few reasons:

The main advantage of targeted marketing is getting the ability to target a particular customer party. And by gathering consumer data from list lists, polls, or reports, you ‘re best placed to develop more specific and successful email strategies focused on their purchasing preferences, desires, and attitudes to target markets.

5. Enhanced Voice-powered Search

As technological advancement continues to rise rapidly, we’ll begin to see more people utilizing google assistant on smartphones.

Apps such as Facebook, Alexa and Siri aid with digital marketing. Virtual assistants are able to scan for items, read text aloud, and even virtual interpret text messages to you so you can be hands-free.

Voice search is also important for your company when it’s used. It helps a mobile-friendly movement grow and adds value to the local SEO. Voice search also helps boost artificial intelligence use and takes priority search semantics also.

Tips For Optimisation Of Voice-powered Search

(A). Understand the Language: numerous individuals use long sentences with keywords when using search engines. Thus the, use longer keywords and full sentences to maximize the potential to be identified in voice search results (think about what someone would question a buddy about a certain good or service).

(B). Be Conversational: Use an engaging conversational tone when creating the text but remember to use full sentences and be grammatically correct when implementing voice search on your web site.

(C). Answering questions: although many people use the internet to gather information if they are researching a product or service they require or trying to get a response from Google to try to deceive in a trivia contest in the late night. Think of this therefore when creating content for voice-powered searches. Include any questions that people might ask about your products and provide detailed responses

Keep Abreast Of Current Trends

If you’re managing a company, learning about new advertising trends is crucial, and being able to remain on top of where digital marketing is heading in the future.

And as with Amazon, you can start customizing your products, using social media to answer questions, and implement video marketing to gain confidence and show the transparency of your brand. Remember, clarity is critical when dealing with any customer data. And there are tons of electronic marketing programs that will streamline all of the online operations and consumer interactions.

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