Digital marketing: Top trends to watch out in 2020


It’s 2020 and the digital marketing strategy is on us for a new decade.

With TikTok expected to revolutionize the concept of snackable video content, and brand transparency assured to capture Generation Z’s brief focus, the trends this year will spark a dramatic shift in marketing technology and customer habits across the world.

PPC isn’t any different.

As an integral element of the digital marketing environment, PPC is known for generating a phenomenal ROI in the appropriate conditions. The very evidence of this theory lies in the statistics. PPC visitors are more willing to purchase as of 2019 than conventional visitors and 42 per cent of companies are eager to increase their PPC spending.

With the intricacies of PPC rising year-on-year at an exponential pace, we’ve predicted a variety of trends in the field for 2020.

1. AI is set to transform the digital marketing landscape

We can not refer to the 2020 PPC without mentioning the concept of behemoth which is AI.

It’s no secret that in recent years, more and more agencies have invested in AI and machine learning tools-think smart campaigns and automated bidding strategies.

A major part of PPC ‘s success lies in its use of software tools to support vital systems in decision making. Machine learning software uses statistical learning methods and bid management to manage all aspects of a campaign, resulting in an impressive 22 percent increase in conversions as of 2018.

In 2020, the high pace will start to pick up on machine learning and automation. For AI generating insights and completing complex functions quicker and smarter than humans, Google will give advertisers highly targeted audiences, providing ads in real-time to those who are looking for specific solutions.

2. Savvy marketers will use multiple platforms

Once it comes to PPC ‘s remarkable performance, most advertisers often talk only about networks introduced by Facebook and Google’s duopoly.

In 2020, smart marketers are expected to check several channels to determine whether their marketing campaign will support a particular channel or not. With social media growing at a surprisingly fast pace, exploring sites for LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Ads, and Twitter Advertising gives you the ability to play with new PPC networks, engage in a range of targeting choices and touch millions of consumers around the world.

Social networking is, of course, just a minor pillar in the vast web of PPC networks. From Bing, Bidvertiser, RevContent, and, there are numerous, advanced channels for advertisers to execute a PPC strategy efficiently.

In summary-advertisers will be widening their horizons for the PPC platform by 2020.

3. Target audiences will be reached consistently

2020 will be the year of a cohesive, targeted target market.

Whereas 2019 focused on audiences targeting search advertising and personalized preference audiences by remarketing lists, 2020 will concentrate on reaching audiences at different touchpoints along the buying process. At the right moment and in a way that helps consumer growth, Smart marketers should speak to their target audience, instead of bombarding them with one message for direct selling.

56 percent of customers agree that companies need to get a better view of their interests, according to the Marketo Engagement Gap Survey. Until 2020, advertisers should be required to understand how their ads promote the well-being of consumers and fulfil lifelong learning.

In brief, advertisers turn their attention to the heart of all positive PPC campaigns: the customers.

Additionally, the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) will begin to guide target markets in 2020, integrating customer intent from browsing with user profile data to suit advertiser users.

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4. The rise of chatbots

A chatbot is a software system that communicates with consumers and guests to the site in a manner which is both normal and real-time. This technique will save major costs of recruiting someone to track the website and connect ad-hoc with guests. A Chatbot is personable, impartial and informative. It allows consumers to make better choices and lets people feel like they are treated as individuals.

If you are not aware of it, you should try knowing it better. Decide if you need to use your company-specific program or one of the current industry choices. This preference depends on the budget and the expected nature of the interactions between audience and chatbot.

5. Upgrade the Content Marketing Skills (again)

In digital marketing the competition never sleeps. Every single company is looking for the next big thing, the freshest ideas, the most unique and quirky strategies in advertising. High-quality content is, and will always be, one of the most effective ways to generate leads and conclude deals.

Customers are always keen on marketing as we step into the 2020s. With consideration of the idiosyncrasies and tastes of your users, the content has to become ever more concentrated, and more highly specialised. 

6. PPC and SEO are now close allies

Although they are often considered to be the nemeses of each other, PPC and SEO have a crucial relationship which drives a campaign’s results.

This partnership will be best optimized for optimizing progress by 2020. SEO and PPC teams can collaborate by sharing essential keyword data and SEO rating data to define the position approach and maximize SERP visibility for all clients.

Why is 2020 the Year for PPC and SEO Integration? After all, this connection has been heating up for several years. Tackling the partnership between PPC and SEO is more critical than ever for marketers because they would be forced to rethink their strategy in a constantly shifting environment.

Many still approach PPC and SEO as separate strategies, with separate outcomes. 2020 is the year of marketers expanding their horizons and rebuilding old fashioned strategies from the ground up.

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