Digital Marketing: Sure-fire Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


When your profits during the pandemic collapse, then you are not alone. The outbreak of Coronavirus has forced the companies to shut their doors. None, however, may constrain human ingenuity; several businesses have changed their online operations to remain functional. Every industry is moving from retail to technology and health, to online channels to survive the pandemic.

In this environment, the value and need for digital marketing have increased manyfold. Many of you might think that the path to success is to play on people’s emotions.

Nonetheless, we emphasize that companies need to participate in smart, sensitive and responsible digital marketing not just to support their business but also to contribute to society.

To get you started here are Some smart digital marketing ideas that will help sustain your business during COVID-19.

1. Keep in contact with social media customers

Your customers can no longer visit their shops to purchase goods or place an order; so being active on social media is a perfect way to reassure your customers that you are still here. Practice empathy and touch your customer base so they know that you respect them. You may not have to post promotional material, but leave reminders to remain healthy, and other informative information will keep consumers returning to their social media accounts.

2. Ensure the online presence of your company

Despite social distancing and not much to do at home, people use more than normal internet. Many people are buying items online since they can not go out. It ensures that if the business has an online presence then prospective customers are more likely to note that. The increase in search traffic can be helpful for your company and may give your website more visibility.

3. Make pay-per-click advertising a priority

Now is the best time to increase your investment in Pay-Per-Click advertisements because there is a higher chance of users seeing ads. As mentioned above, because of the lockdown people are spending more time browsing the internet. Therefore, customers are more likely to display your advertising.

4. Keep a close watch on your rivals

You remember the expression “Keep your friend closer and your enemies closer” – this situation also does the same. Track the rivals’ Social Media handles to stay up to date with their digital marketing campaign. Take care of what they do, and do it differently later.

You need to pursue a good SEO plan to step beyond your competition, so your company is the first that pops up when consumers are looking for unique keywords. In addition to content, to increase your ranking on search engines, you should also optimize images, mobile applications and descriptions etc.

5. Foster exclusive deals

What better way than advertising exclusive deals to keep consumers engaged and the sales flowing? And those who do not like online shopping are browsing goods online and looking for items on sale, discounts, etc.

Your company has the potential to take advantage of the severity of the global crisis and respond effectively to customer demands. You will carry steady revenue flow and create positive impressions by putting household products and other necessities on the market. It can also refer to restaurants and other companies seeking to meet standards and give some relief to consumers in these tough times.

6. ‘Near Me’ Searches is your best friend – Focus On Local SEO 

As we know, due to the pandemic everyone is confined to their homes. This means we are expected to remain indoors, unless extremely necessary. As we walk out of the house to grab grocery stores or other household products, we need to know whether or not our go-to company operates.

This is where businesses can leverage their local SEO strategies so that potential clients can easily locate them in their field. You must ensure that consumers in your locality and area can locate your stores online easily and find out about your hours of service.

7. Do not let the pressure slow you down

Many companies are cutting their expenses significantly by halving their marketing costs, but making knee-jerk decisions will cause harm to your company. Nonetheless, the economy is unpredictable, and businesses may need to keep their expenses down. Slashing your marketing budget, however, is not the solution. We suggest you shift resources to digital marketing to increase online sales and visibility.

8. Be versatile to satisfy the needs of your customers

Now is the time to behave empathetically; tailor your operations to suit the day’s needs. Recognize the challenges that your customers face and then deliver innovative ideas that will strive to your customer base.

If you are a food supply company then give free delivery services to clients or come up with other creative ways to deliver food to clients. Most food supply companies provide curb-side delivery, drone delivery and riderless deliveries to benefit their customers.

This way, customers know that you are willing to go the extra mile to support them better while maintaining their protection. Your ability to fulfil their orders securely will allow them to turn to your company, even when things return to normal.

9. Boost Your Site’s SEO

Today more than ever, customers are relying on Google and other search engines to search for the goods, services, and essentials they are searching for. When consumers are unable to locate your company online, your marketing practices will lose out. To successfully drive traffic and improve the overall ranking on search engines, the ideal website needs to pursue search engine optimisation strategy.

Following SEO activities, including:

  • Using a defined keyword
  • Share insightful and high-quality content
  • Boost responsiveness of your website

Wrapping Up

Businesses have to stay at the top of their game and look for new ways to satisfy their home-stuck customers. Even because you can not accept walk-in clients does not mean that there are no other ways to reach out to clients. Adapt your digital marketing approach to the COVID-19 scenario, so you can be of benefit to your customer and keep up to date with the competition. Your constructive and strategic strategies will save your company and increase exposure to your brand/business.

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