Digital Marketing For IT Firms | Why You Should Choose a Specialist Agency?


Today, digital marketing is more important than ever for IT companies. Print magazine circulation is down, traditional tech conferences are declining, and profiles of B2B tech buyers are changing — with marketing, HR, finance, and sales teams making their own tech decisions exclusively IT. Traditional efforts to promote your brand offer decreasing returns, while digital marketing is on the upswing for IT companies.

If you don’t have the time, budget or internal expertise, then an obvious option is to turn to an external partner who can provide IT companies with guidance on digital marketing. Of reality, there are numerous digital marketing companies out there, but most of them are generalists.

They should produce digital ads for B2B and B2C businesses alike. They’ll write blogs for insurance companies, airlines, restaurant chains and hairdressing salons. And while they deliver a strong and competent working level, it always takes them days to get to grips with your complex technical product or service, understand who the audience is and how to create content that resonates with them.

Doesn’t your B2B tech digital marketing partner sound quite like what you want, does it?

We’ve gathered five of the best explanations of why IT firms should get the best digital marketing powered by a specialist agency.

Digital marketing is its own pot of fish for The firms

If you run a tech company ‘s ads, that is why you would suggest hiring an agency for IT businesses that specializes in digital marketing.

1. Gives you an amazing experience

You want to market your services but with so many factors to consider — your budget, whether you’re focused on inbound or outbound marketing, the tools you need to succeed. it might look hard to decide from where to begin. The answers to those questions can be what will drive the ads.

You will have to go through a long (and expensive) period of trial and error without the proper experience to understand what works for your company, your audience and your industry. An agency that, like yours, has experience managing digital campaigns for IT firms now knows what works and what doesn’t and will spend your time sculpting your distinctive voice, which can achieve positive outcomes even sooner.

2. Enjoy an expert skillset

A 2019 study found that only 12% of US marketers have the entry-level skills to produce the kind of digital marketing that produces results for IT companies. So, ask yourself in your organisation, who will:

  • Consistently create content
  • Optimise for search engines
  • Post across social media channels every day
  • Set campaign goals
  • Thoroughly study the traffic level and the total lead extraction from each campaign
  • Comprehend and benchmark what you are doing well and where to improve?

Partnering with a professional agency immediately gives you a whole marketing team that you don’t have to train, that’s on top of the latest marketing trends and that’s ready to launch a complete campaign.

3. Cost benefits

You need to think about the best way to grow leads and turn those leads into new customers. You may create your own marketing team dedicated to your brand. Yet it could easily place a strain on your marketing budget, with all the various positions you need to fill.

When your attention is on delivering a tech solution or service, you probably don’t need a team of social media specialists, website designers, journalists, and analysts all together. But, marketing-wise, you need access to all that they can bring to the table. A marketing agency specializing in technology will provide you with all the resources you need at a much lower total cost.

4. Plug into cutting-edge solutions 

For a tech company, it should be a given to work with the latest solutions. It’s not always the case though. Lots of companies do not have access to the right marketing tools when it comes to marketing their services, or fail to take advantage of the tools that are readily available. There’s quite a lot out there. We use Moz for SEO, Mailchimp for newsletter promotions and our own benchmarking tool, Maya, on behalf of our clients, and for our internal marketing, to help clients develop their online marketing platforms. But how do you choose the right tools to suit your business? And who will operate them effectively once you pick them?

It needs time for marketing. You get access to the right tools and solutions for the job by working with a marketing agency that specializes in the tech industry, operated by experts who know what will work and won’t. This speeds up your organisation’s entire marketing process, allowing you to reap the rewards faster.

5. You hit the ground running

You cut down on the time it takes for them to know the fundamentals of your company by choosing a specialist agency over a generalist one. Whether they are IT specialists, they will also understand the business well, for example, the Microsoft Partner Network. Especially if they’re themselves a Microsoft partner that works with Microsoft and the Microsoft Partner Network every day. They’ll understand what an API is; they’ll know who buys tech, they ‘re familiar with SharePoint and so on.

See where your business could go

These are some of the major reasons why IT companies can get the best, most effective digital marketing from a specialist agency. Partner with an IT marketing agency expert to see all of the benefits firsthand. If you’d like some concrete examples of how a professional marketing agency can work well for their clients, take a look at some of our case studies and see how we worked and delivered value to the customers, helping them stand out in a niche, yet competitive market place.

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