5 Tips for Getting More Positive Customer Reviews


Any successful marketer who has ever existed knows that word-of-mouth advertising trumps everything when it comes to building a new company. When your potential buyers or clients hear the views of those who have already done business with you, it generates awareness. It affects decision-making in a way that traditional advertising has never been able to do.

In today’s digital world, user review is a modern word of mouth. People search for them, learn from them, and very often, people base their purchase decisions on them. Positive reviews of a company’s goods or services can spread rapidly and lead to exponential sales, whereas negative reviews can stifle sales and cause a business to step back.

Luckily, receiving positive customer feedback is not just about putting your goods and services out on the market and hoping for the best. There are many unique tactics that you can use to ensure that consumers are happy and leave a constructive review to others.

Why People Values Online Ratings &  Reviews

Usually, there are four reasons a person may be searching for an online review:

  • To receive social evidence from consumers who have used a good or service.
  • To learn more about the substance they are purchasing.
  • Reducing the risk of making a flawed transaction
  • To achieve a deeper understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of the commodity.
  • Of course, any company aims to get good feedback and improve sales and develop their brand online. 

Here are the five effective strategies that you can use to get positive customer reviews:

1. Ask for review across a range of platforms

The first step in having great online feedback is to make it as quick as possible for people to leave. The more effort one has to undergo; the less likely someone will waste the time you want to leave the review. Social networking and third-party review sites are perfect forums to help you get the right word about your business and your goods and services.

Some of the most efficient include:

  • LinkedIn Recommendation
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram
  • Manta
  • YouTube: Create videos and ask for feedback below.
  • Google – use Google My Company feature.
  • Yelp – assert or add your company to get the reviews started.
  • Yellowpages-similar to Yelp, this is the digital equivalent to the popular book listings.
  • Four Square-Hospitality brands.

There are also several different niche review sites depending on the field you are in, which could produce excellent customer feedback. An example would be Trip Advisor in a travel niche or, as described above, Four Square for those in hospitality. The trick to both sites is to make it straightforward and ask for feedback, so there is no need for ambiguity about what you want your guests to do.

2. Make the most of your webpage 

Your website is a perfect tool to get great customer feedback. Your website and blog posts should be optimized so that visitors can leave their comments quickly and easily. You can also have a straightforward path to your social media platforms and ensure that your website is designed for mobile devices.

If you have an e-commerce platform, you may want to consider adding CHECK live chat to gain instant feedback from customers. This will fulfill people’s “I want everything right now” attitude and provide value as it decreases response times and improves customer service.

3. Request reviews in your emails

If inbound marketing is a vital part of your whole process, you will have a vast community to ask for consumer feedback. As part of your customer marketing, send a short email after a purchase has been made asking for a review. You will get the most truthful reviews possible, so people feel like they are interacting with you one-to-one. This will help you improve sales or make the required changes if you find a negative response trend.

If you do not want to ask for a summary and write their opinions, try adding a link to an online survey instead. Polls or surveys are easy to set up, and data can be analyzed easily. With a survey, you can dictate the information that is gathered so that you can also take the opportunity to learn more about your customers.

4. Grand Incentives For the review process

If you find that you do not get the amount of feedback you would like or just like the concept of rewarding your customers, consider adding rewards to the process. Everyone thinks that their time is essential, so give them a reason to leave the study. Incentives such as discounts, coupons, gift cards, or prizes can inspire customers and even raise profits when they go out and repurchase it.

For example, Birchbox enables its customers to leave feedback by providing loyalty-based Birch Points. Since 2010, the company has evolved from a modest beauty product startup to the sixth most successful subscription service globally—and loyalty-driven review rewards have played a part in its growth.

5. Start focusing on your timing

Asking for feedback at the right time would help you get the best out of the process and enhance your customer service at the same time. Whether it is on social media, your website, or email, timing is always crucial. The one final thing you want to do is get under someone is skin at the wrong time and end up with a bad review that everyone will see.

Any great times to ask for a review are when clients have favorably engaged with your brand when they re-order a product. Also, when they tag your company or product on social media or when they spend a certain amount of time visiting your website, or when they refer new clients to you. The idea is to approach them when they feel happy or satisfied to pass on the review feeling.

Final Thoughts 

There is no perfect recipe for excellent customer reviews, but if you follow the strategies set out above, you will be useful more often than not. If you want to prioritize reviews, make sure that you delegate the work to some team members and allow them enough time to make it happen. When the plan is in place, run it and keep going forward until you have a multi-faceted method to get feedback from several platforms.

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